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Apr 07

Empty Mulberry Wands Box

  This is the empty  box I’m going to use for the cover of MULBERRY WANDS, the sequel to ALTERNATE SUSAN. I made it much bigger this time, but still with the same proportions so I didn’t have to do much editing on gimp to make it work as the cover of the book. I …

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Nov 07

Alternate Susan ebook cover

One of the things I’ve discovered about my self-publishing adventures is that you occasionally need a different ebook cover from the paper cover. The paper cover is for a 5.5 X 8.5 inch object that will be held in your hands. The ebook cover will be maybe an inch by two inches at the most. …

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Aug 08

Alternate Susan Box

Here are some pictures of the box I made to use for the cover of my latest novel, Alternate Susan. Typically, fantasy novels have professionally painted oil paintings, unless they’re YA, in which case they have close ups of the faces of gorgeous teen girls.  But, you don’t go to the shelves with the art …

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Oct 15

Snacks for a Long Voyage Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a trip to Texas I did last year with my family. It’s a long, brutal drive from Phoenix to Dallas, so I bought a lot of snacks for my kids, the kind of snacks they don’t usually get. I bought candy and chips and cheetoes and juice boxes and basically …

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Jun 01

Shadowbox of Unpartable Treasures

In front of my computer monitor, I collect small mementos, things I’ve been given, things I’ve made, and other things I can’t possibly ever part with. Unfortunately, it means that my monitor area gets quite cluttered.  I decided to take the large shrine blank that I had made and create a shadowbox to turn these …

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