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Jul 06

Broken Shino Slab Pot

 This is one of those “failure is a part of the learning process” kind of things. I spent a ton of time trying to recreate a pot I’d bought at the store for not very much money, and I ended up failing. But I learned a lot along the way! One of the things I …

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Nov 30

Steampunk Shino Bowl 2

Nov 23

Steampunk Shino Bowl

Dec 13

Momiji Cup 2

This was the sister cup to Momiji 1.  I was experimenting with glaze techniques, so I used a different one on this cup. For this cup, I used white satin glaze plus a shino.  Shinos can be a great way to bring out detail, especially details of depth.  While it’s interesting, it’s not quite what …

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