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Apr 14

The Third Pig Cover

I wrote this story a few years ago for a theme anthology that (as far as I know) never came to fruition. It’s a very funny story, so I decided to publish it on its own, along with another story that never found a home. Humor is hard to sell. If you like funny fantasy …

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Aug 27

Emily’s Fifth Birthday Cover

This was one of my first publications, and you can see I kind of struggled with learning how to use gimp to make the cover.  The ones on the left were much smaller, and I decided I’d scroll through my photos and find something brightly colored and interesting, then make sure that my name and …

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Jun 05

“Mean Little Kitty” & “Waiting Room at the Hero League”

Dear Blog Friends, Well, I’ve been a busy woman this weekend. I got two new stories up and published on Smashwords.  The link is here. These are much funnier than the last pairings of short stories. Both of these humorous fantasy short stories involve cats. The A side, “Mean Little Kitty” is available for the …

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Jun 01

Cover Art: “Voice Like a Cello” and “Bear Country”

Here’s the cover for my second pairing of short stories. I made it bigger on this, since it’s my art blog and this site is all about the art. Finding an interesting photo to work from was the easy part. I do a lot of gardening and have zillions of photos of my plants. This …

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May 22

“Voice Like a Cello” and “Bear Country”

Dear Blog Friends; Since last week’s pairing of short stories was so successful, I decided to put up another pair.  Making the cover art was a lot easier this time. I guess practice makes perfect with anything, even new software. I was originally going to pair “Voice Like a Cello” with another short story I …

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