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May 26

Mulberry Wands Cover Mockup Two

Still working on the cover for Mulberry Wands. I looked up fonts and decided on this one, Gondola, from dafont. I readjusted the skulls so you could see them better, and photographed it again, but the skulls were too far back, so I made stands for them. That didn’t work either, so I pushed them …

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Aug 27

Sweet and Creepy Shrine

You can definitely see the Mexican influences in this piece.  I found the Mexican lottery cards at a store in San Diego, and knew I had to incorporate them in a shrine somehow.  I tried to catch the cheerful + morbid feel of Dia de los Muertos.  I was going to go so far as …

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Jun 10

Owl and Bone Shrine

I got a book called ‘Creating Personal Shrines’ by Carol Owen after Jane Cheek showed it to me.  (Jane and I tend to inspire each other.)  The focus of Carol Owen’s book was creating memory boxes based around family ancestors.  Like most contemporary collage, her work is heavy on vintage photos and “ephemera”.  Not my …

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