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Aug 19

Stencil Slab Pot

 This slab pot, as well as the other one, were great learning experiences. Mostly I learned that slab building is hard. It relies on the slabs being just the right amount of hardness, which is difficult to manage if you’re doing it at a studio you only visit once a week. Too soft, and the …

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Jul 06

Broken Shino Slab Pot

 This is one of those “failure is a part of the learning process” kind of things. I spent a ton of time trying to recreate a pot I’d bought at the store for not very much money, and I ended up failing. But I learned a lot along the way! One of the things I …

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May 13

Cobalt Stamp Plate 6

The photo on this didnt’ turn out as well as I had hoped, but it was either take a crappy photo or not get it photographed at all, because I’m using my table for another project.  This plate is actually twice as large as the others, because I used a larger meat tray.

Dec 18

Poppy Plate 4

I’ve made numerous plates like this. They are a great size and shape for pie and small sandwiches.  You have to really take your time to keep them from getting warped or cracked, but when they work, you have a set of matched almost-stacking plates. To start with, you need a half dozen blemish-free styrofoam …

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