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May 28

Red Porcelain Sliptrailed Cup One

When I do surface decoration on a piece I’ve thrown, I almost always have to work freehand, because I rarely remember to bring books and references from home to the pottery studio. For this piece, I remembered to bring books, and I used mehindi designs. I like mehindi designs because they are adaptable, and because …

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May 26

White Bird Cup

This cup, unlike the celadon colored one, is functional because it did not crack in the kiln. Shrank quite a bit, but that happens with porcelain.

Apr 22

Celadon Bird Cup

To make the surface decoration on this cup, I trailed slip made out of the same clay body.  It came in handy that I had drawn several flocks of birds in my comic, coopdegrace.com, because I could draw them again without a reference. This cup, alas, is unuseable, because it has a longitudinal crack inside. …

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Apr 14

The Moon

The card ‘The Moon’ almost always has two towers, a wolf and a dog, and a creature that lives in both the water and on the land.  The symbolism is about the transition areas, about the gray areas.  It is the interstitial tarot card. While the glazing came out better on this tile than on …

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Apr 11

Five of Cups

Tarot cards have traditional symbols, and traditional imagery.  Most decks’ images bear some similarity to one another.  I’m most influenced by the Morgan Greer deck, which was my first and remains my favorite deck.  This card repesents partial loss, and the card in the Morgan Greer deck looks a lot like this. The color in …

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