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Dec 18

Poppy Plate 4

I’ve made numerous plates like this. They are a great size and shape for pie and small sandwiches.  You have to really take your time to keep them from getting warped or cracked, but when they work, you have a set of matched almost-stacking plates. To start with, you need a half dozen blemish-free styrofoam …

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Dec 14

Poppy Plate 3

I think I may not use this technique again, even though I enjoyed this project.  I found the lack of color palette frustrating, however. I really wanted a bright poppy red for the flowers, and one was unavailable. Red often is unpredictable, no matter what medium.  The main reason, however, is that it needs a …

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Dec 12

Poppy Plate 2

To get a decent line for the slip, we needed a dark colored clay.  I already knew that slips didn’t turn out well if you fired them to cone ten, so I bought a bag of cone 06 terracotta clay called “Ward’s Red.”  I’ve never used this clay before, but I was assured that it …

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Dec 10

Poppy Plate 1

My friend Gabrielle brought a magazine into our pottery class with an interesting technique in which the potter painted flowers on white slip using different hues of tinted slips.  I decided to try it out. Since we had a myriad of greens, the obvious choice for subject matter was botanical.

Oct 11

Green Fishscale Bowl

This design is a traditional Japanese design. I started to use it while I was learning pottery in Japan, and it remains one of my favorites. The green color is slip, which I scratched away with a scgraffito tool.