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May 04

Flying Sparrow

Whenever I hate my drawings, I remind myself that at least I can draw birds. Though, not all my birds are perfect. Owls especially are pretty awful. (Or is that owful?) Flying birds are easier than sitting birds, because like many people, I’ve often been fascinated by wings, and wings are almost always shown outstretched. …

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Apr 08

Flying Sparrow on Grid

This is one where the drawing was fine enough, but it missed so much of the background resist pattern that I might as well have not drawn it on anything. I suppose I could “rescue” it by doing a background wash to make the figures show up more. Or maybe it’s fine the way it …

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Mar 20

Sparrow Sketch

This sparrow sketch would have worked great as an independent image, that is, if I had cut it out from the paper and pasted just the bird onto another background. I should probably still do that. I love when other people do that kind of combination of patterns and illustrations, but I just didn’t. I …

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Dec 19

Pigeon Problem, Part Two

Apr 06

48 Birds #5 Darling Sparrow

I had read about some gesso resist techniques and wanted to try them. ┬áThe author, whose article appeared in a magazine called “Apprentice Building Blocks” from Somerset, neglected to mention whether one had to ┬ápaint the background with paint before doing the gesso resist, or whether you were to just paint the gesso on plain …

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