Tag: spirituality

May 09

Book Review: The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein I wanted to like this book. I wanted to be uplifted by it and feel like I’ve been warmly hugged by a soft and kind woman who tells me everything is going to be okay. So when someone lent me this book, which …

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Oct 16

Book Review: Big Magic

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert This was one of those “right book at the right time” moments, except it came a few years too late. The best of its advice I’d already figured out on my own in the past few years, so instead of lightbulbs springing on all over the …

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Apr 07

Book Review: A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson This book was given to me years ago, and somehow it survived moving house. I felt like I needed something for spiritual nourishment, and went looking for it. Found it on a shelf, untouched for nearly a decade. That’s basically what the book is: spiritual nourishment. It’s not a …

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Jun 05

Book Review: The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho I started this book not having any preconceived notions of what it was or what it was about except that the cover said it was an international bestseller. I can see why it was an international bestseller. While the story is a simple story (which I had heard before, slightly …

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