Tag: sprig mold

Jun 18

Test Tiles

 These are the test tiles I made for this session of pottery. My favorite is the one on the top left, and my second favorite is in the middle. I had planned on using sprig molds (the geometric shapes on some of these) but my silicone sprig molds weren’t that great so I discarded that …

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Aug 24

Keyhole Tumbler 3

My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told her I wanted rubber stamps that had blocks of text in a foreign language.  I couldn’t find any myself, but she’s an expert shopper and found several nice pieces. They were unmounted, which made them perfect for these projects. To get the …

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Sep 23

Oak Leaf Pendant failures

This is a second set of oak leaf pendants I made, using a different sprig mold.  I didn’t clean them up well, figuring that I could do it once they were bisqued, but that’s turning out to be not feasible.  I can’t stand the sound of dry sanding, and I’d rather make all new ones …

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Sep 21

Oak Leaf Pendants

For ten years, I wore a carved oak leaf made out of antler as a pendant around my neck. I wore through at least one cord, and eventually the pendant itself wore through. I was heartbroken.  I loved that pendant, but my attempts to fix it proved insufficient. I decided to make a new pendant …

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