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Nov 24

Postcard: Stamps

For the front of this I collaged several pieces of paper together, which looks good, but isn’t as practical because so many of the glues tend to allow the paper to curl up at the edges.  Some of the cancellation marks were existent already on the stamps, some were ones I added from my stamp collection, and …

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Oct 24

Postcard: Steampunk Two

These images are unusually clear, because I used my flatbed scanner to copy them instead of photographing them. I had intended to do all of them this way, but it’s a horrid nuisance. It’s not fast AT ALL, and I had a big stack of postcards, so I gave up after these two.

Sep 28

Glass Porcelain Charms 2

These are the second of the set of charms I made out of Bridget Harpers glass-like porcelain.  We found that using fusing paper underneath kept them from sticking to the shelf, so that saved some time and effort. They still  need to be sanded. Since I hate sanding, that’s the main thing holding me back …

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