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Sep 10

Book Review: Hammered

Hammered by Kevin Hearne I first heard about this author at convention, where someone assumed that two urban fantasy authors from Tempe, Arizona must surely know each other. I’ve never met the author, but became curious about his books and picked this one up when I saw it on sale, not realizing that it was …

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Sep 23

Book Review – Reflex

Reflex by Steven Gould I really liked this book. I’d enjoyed the first one years and years ago, and bought this because it was on sale at audible. Davy has the ability to teleport, an ability that is only thwarted if he’s physically chained to something. Naturally, early on, he gets kidnapped and physically chained …

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May 21

Book Review: After The Golden Age

After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn I found this book charming, with engaging characters, a nice mystery, and plenty of action. The main character is Celia West, the daughter of wealthy socialites who happen to also be superheroes. I’d say the bulk of the conflict in the novel involves Celia struggling to get out …

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Jun 05

“Mean Little Kitty” & “Waiting Room at the Hero League”

Dear Blog Friends, Well, I’ve been a busy woman this weekend. I got two new stories up and published on Smashwords. ┬áThe link is here. These are much funnier than the last pairings of short stories. Both of these humorous fantasy short stories involve cats. The A side, “Mean Little Kitty” is available for the …

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