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Oct 31

Coconut Delivery Service

Like this comic? Wanna buy them all? You can! Go here.

Dec 13

Yellow Swallow Book

  I tend to work on several pieces at once, several shrines, several cups, or several books. With the book covers, I like to do three at the same time. That’s about as many as I can do and still have plenty of room for the covers and all the work-in-progress detrius on my studio …

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Dec 31

Year of the Pig Book

The name of this book came from the epoxy sticker on the front. My friend sent it to me from Japan, home of the most wonderful stationary stores I’ve ever seen. She sent it in the year of the pig, a few years ago, and I couldn’t bear to part with it, so I put …

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Mar 21

Swallow Tile

This was another experiment with the Duncan “French Impressions” glaze that I just bought.  I’m not very proud of it, as one of the birds looks deformed.  Thought I’d post it anyway, as a…as a warning or something. Maybe it will look fine from a distance.

Oct 06

Swallow collage

Here’s another collage in the series I did. When I decided that the first one needed help, I set about cutting linoblocks.  I’ve cut three so far, all of birds, and I have three others that need to be cut.  No problem collaging on the slightly rough gessoed surface, so that’s good. I’ve gotten more …

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