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Aug 20

Swallows in Sky Tee Shirt

  This is the second bleach-shirt I made, and I went with a much simpler design than the branches of the first one. Yes, I put a bird on it. If you’re wondering why there’s art today instead of a chapter of Changer’s Turf, it’s because Changer’s Turf is finished. That’s right. I’m going to …

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Jul 29

Red Mehindi Batik Tee Shirt

  I saw something like this on pinterest, where a woman showed how to use washable gel glue as a resist to batik dye a tee shirt. She wrote something on there, but I decided to use a mehindi design. On the left, you can see where I’ve drawn the design in glue and let …

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Sep 26

Silkscreen crow close up

Here’s the close up of the new crow image. This is the third crow design, fourth, if you count the one that didn’t turn out. As you can see, I painted back in some of the details with a brush, since not all the lines on the head and claws came out. To set the …

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Sep 12

Tee shirt print, wings

I got this idea from a woman who had wings on the back of her tee shirt. It was one of those currently-popular Victoriana/skateboard style of designs. I don’t know what it’s called, but here are some examples. I’m sure you’ve seen stuff like this. My daughter calls it “steampunk rock design.” It’s a specific …

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Aug 22

Tee Shirt Crows

This is kind of a weird picture, because it’s a selection of the tee shirts that I silkscreened my crow onto. I’ll post pictures of the crow later, a close up and some cards that I did. This is actually a new image, not the same crow that I did earlier. I had done the …

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