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Jan 06

Tiny Smiley Balls 2

Here are two more smiley balls, ready to give away, once I file off the  pits left by the stilts. Astute observers will note that the colors of glaze are the same as on the “thorny pot” from December.

Dec 30

Tiny Smiley Balls 1

Everyone seems to really love my smiley balls. I’ve ended up giving away over half of the ones I’ve made.  I wanted to have some to give to friends I’m going to visit in the spring, but carrying full-sized ones in my luggage wouldn’t do, so I planned to make small ones. These weren’t as …

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Dec 18

Poppy Plate 4

I’ve made numerous plates like this. They are a great size and shape for pie and small sandwiches.  You have to really take your time to keep them from getting warped or cracked, but when they work, you have a set of matched almost-stacking plates. To start with, you need a half dozen blemish-free styrofoam …

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Dec 14

Poppy Plate 3

I think I may not use this technique again, even though I enjoyed this project.  I found the lack of color palette frustrating, however. I really wanted a bright poppy red for the flowers, and one was unavailable. Red often is unpredictable, no matter what medium.  The main reason, however, is that it needs a …

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Dec 10

Poppy Plate 1

My friend Gabrielle brought a magazine into our pottery class with an interesting technique in which the potter painted flowers on white slip using different hues of tinted slips.  I decided to try it out. Since we had a myriad of greens, the obvious choice for subject matter was botanical.