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Aug 06

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Thirty-One

New to the story? S’okay–go here.        Chapter Thirty-One     By the time Tessali got to the house, her side hurt like she’d been stitched up with needle and thread. She didn’t know how far it was, but she was panting and her heart pounded and she was as tired as if she’d …

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Jun 25

Changer’s Turf Chapter Twenty-Five

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Chapter Twenty-Five     Tessali dreamt herself into a palace she didn’t recognize. She looked around, surprised. It had wide corridors, and as she followed along one, it opened into a tidy garden. She had heard the palace of Clan Tannen spiraled around itself, and the palace of Clan …

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Feb 19

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Seven

New to the story? S’okay–go here. Chapter Seven       Tess was in the Realm. She was wearing black and gray, the color of exiles, which she never wore when she was in the palace of Clan Holly. She wandered the halls like a ghost. It was like picking at a scab, coming here, no …

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