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Jun 18

Test Tiles

┬áThese are the test tiles I made for this session of pottery. My favorite is the one on the top left, and my second favorite is in the middle. I had planned on using sprig molds (the geometric shapes on some of these) but my silicone sprig molds weren’t that great so I discarded that …

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Feb 03

Spoon Rest With Wing Sprig

  Ironically, I’e been coming up with soap-dish designs for a friend of mine who runs a soap company, but this pattern isn’t in the running. I made the basic form of this by extruding soft clay through a die. The die is shaped like a smiley-mouth with fangs. That’s the best way I can …

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Dec 05

Spoon Rest With Key Impression

The sprig I’d originally intended for this spoon rest/soap dish/curved tile/sushi tray piece broke when I was removing it from the sprig mold, so instead, I used a key to make an impression in the wet clay. It wasn’t my favorite, so I used caramel glaze (which always turns out interesting) to conceal its lack …

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Nov 11

Spoon Rest 3 – Unicorn Seal

I made this spoon rest sprig off of the seal of an envelope that a friend sent me. It was too beautiful to throw away, so I made a silicone mold of it and it’s served me well. So far I haven’t used any of these spoon rests because I’ve been using the old ones …

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Oct 24

Spoon Rest 2 – Fancy Keyhole

I made a lot of test tiles this session, not so much because I wanted to test glazes ( I pretty much knew what I wanted to do) but because I had given so many of these away as spoon rests that I had run out. ┬áThese are more fun than usual ones, because they …

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