Tag: tie dye

Dec 22

Indigo Tie Dye

 This is a shirt that I “accidentally” tie-dyed. It was a dingy white men’s tee that had been left on the dryer, and I wanted to try some of the traditional batik design ideas I’d seen in the booklet. Obviously, it didn’t come out very well. In fact, I’ve already dumped it in the box …

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Nov 10

Calligraphy/Black Wing book

This was another one of the rainbow series books, so-called because of the rainbow look of the tie-dyed/marble technique fabric I used for the base.  After the layers of masking tape and washes, I had blocks of color, which I added stamps to.  This one has silver rub-and-buff as accents. I wanted to try some …

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Nov 04

Black Cat Book

This was one of a series of books I made recently.  I started by taking some ironed sheets of thin cotton cloth.  I used a marbled paper technique wherein dye is laid on top of a bed of shaving cream, only instead of using food coloring or alcohol based inks, I used some leftover fabric …

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Feb 18

Portal Book

For the cloth of this book, I used thin, rainbow tie-dyed cotton.  I added black gesso just as I did to the other two books in this series.  Again I wanted to experiment with photo transfers, so I transferred the images of a poritco (front cover) and gate (back cover) using acrylic medium.  I love …

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