Tag: Tiles

Dec 20

Mermaid Shrine

  I started this the same time I began the other altoids-tin resin shrines. I wanted to find out  which material is the best for sculpting the frame around the altoids tin. One I used paperclay and one I used two-part putty epoxy (except I haven’t posted about that one yet.) This was plaster. I had …

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Sep 18

Heart Mirror Icon

I made this because I wanted to spend the afternoon doing art, and playing with polymer clay is a good one-day project. I have a book on making mosaics and mosaic tiles from polymer clay that I have been using as inspiration for a while.  I especially liked the icon images, which I took from …

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Mar 02

Small Raven Tile Mosaic

I made several small, plain tiles so that I could experiment with wax resist and painterly techniques. I painted this using black underglaze.  My tiles are hand pounded (and rolled) so the consistency isn’t ideal, but that’s kind of the point of hand-made tiles. This is about four inches square and about a quarter of …

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Feb 15

Leaf Mosaic Tiles

I saw a picture in a book of a tile mosaic that looked like a carpet made of leaves.  These are difficult in the same way that quilting is difficult–they take precision and a great deal of time.  To make the leaf vein pattern, I used a mulberry leaf.  The shapes are about an inch …

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Feb 03

Mosaic Tiles 2

Here are three of the different colors of tiles I made during this session. The black and yellow ones were underglaze applied to the fired clay, then wiped off to expose the texture. The green ones show the texture because of the ultra-transparent nature of the glaze. I love transparent glazes for the way they …

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