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May 15

Light Blue Tapered Swirl Cup

  I made this cup using the optics mold, trying to reproduce the beautiful blue and white and light blue cups I gave away two years ago. I can’t even remember exactly what they looked like, excepet that there were a number of them and when I let people take whichever cup they liked, those …

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Apr 22

Broken Orange Bubbled Cup

  I made this cup using a chunk of color that a fellow student named Kitty generously gave me. I went back and forth on what I was going to do with it. I love blue and orange and yellow together, or even blue and orange, but in the end I decided that I wanted …

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Mar 04

Blue Engobed Cup

This was the second cup I made, right after the twice green cup. Another student did a technique which I believe is called engobing, where you cover a piece with a layer of colored glass. When you first mash the hot glass on, it looks a little like one of those frowning bad guys that …

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Feb 25

Twice Green Cup

Just started a new glass blowing class. I couldn’t get into the shorter weeknight one I usually take, and am in a longer one on the weekends. The other women in class far surpassed me in skill. This is good, in that they will likely inspire me to strethc myself, but bad, in that it’s …

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Jun 24

Adam’s Cup

This is the cup that my friend chose as his favorite of the ones I made in the class I took in February, so this is the one I gave him for his birthday.  The only sad thing is that he has good taste, and this is my favorite cup too.  At least I still …

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