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Mar 02

Small Raven Tile Mosaic

I made several small, plain tiles so that I could experiment with wax resist and painterly techniques. I painted this using black underglaze.  My tiles are hand pounded (and rolled) so the consistency isn’t ideal, but that’s kind of the point of hand-made tiles. This is about four inches square and about a quarter of …

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Feb 09

Mosaic Tiles 3

These are hand-rolled and cut tiles of 1 1/2 inch in diameter, stamped with commercial rubber stamps, underglazed, and glazed with a low-fire clear.

Feb 03

Mosaic Tiles 2

Here are three of the different colors of tiles I made during this session. The black and yellow ones were underglaze applied to the fired clay, then wiped off to expose the texture. The green ones show the texture because of the ultra-transparent nature of the glaze. I love transparent glazes for the way they …

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Jul 24

Florentine-Cobalt Porcelain Cup

This was one of the cups I threw with my share of the batch of porcelain that some of our classmates mixed up.  I had some of Kurt Weiser’s cobalt underglaze that Bridget Harper (my ceramics teacher and friend) cadged for me.  I’ve done underglaze or stain on porcelain many, many times. This is a …

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Jul 18

Fish Tray

I made this using the porcelain that Bridget Harper formulated for us.  One thing that I discovered about this clay is that it does not like to be thick. I made a set of twelve small trays like this (only smaller) using the same technique (slab rolled, then formed inside a styrofoam meat tray).  All …

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