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Apr 13

Good Birds, Bad Birds

The owls were obviously meant to be part of a collage, since I drew them on opposite sides of the paper so I could maximize the resist. But they are so busy that the resist pattern doesn’t add much. Also, I find owls hard to draw sometimes. Their faces don’t lend themselves well to it, …

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Mar 16

Blue Hex, Blue Jay

Mar 09

Rainbow Oriole

Feb 09

Honeycomb Wren postcard

I made this by starting with a piece of some of Tim Holz’s paper that’s white with a pattern printed in resist. The pattern is the larger honeycomb you see there. I layered it over with blue acrylic, and also used a rubber stamp with honeycomb to put the smaller honeycomb pattern on there. To …

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Nov 10

Calligraphy/Black Wing book

This was another one of the rainbow series books, so-called because of the rainbow look of the tie-dyed/marble technique fabric I used for the base. ¬†After the layers of masking tape and washes, I had blocks of color, which I added stamps to. ¬†This one has silver rub-and-buff as accents. I wanted to try some …

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