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Apr 20

Book Review: Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart Stewart wrote FLOWER CONFIDENTIAL about the floral industry, so one can posit that like me, she loves plants. Like me, she’s also fascinated with poison and murder. The book is lush with exquisitely beautiful (and sometimes exquisitely macabre) illustrations. With …

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Jan 16

White Slip Weed Cup 2

This is the largest of all six of this series, and can hold maybe sixteen ounces.  It has a couple dots of blue glaze that got on there by mistake, but it’s still one of my favorite drinking vessels now.

Jan 12

White Slip Weed Cup 1

For the second set of weed cups, I first tried to scratch in the design and then fill it with white slip, using a metal rib tool to scrape it off. That didn’t work at all. My fellow ceramicists suggested that perhaps I had done it with the clay too wet (It was leather hard …

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Dec 29

Weed Cup 2

This has a slightly narrower shape, and is smaller than the other weed cup.