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Aug 06

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Thirty-One

New to the story? S’okay–go here.        Chapter Thirty-One     By the time Tessali got to the house, her side hurt like she’d been stitched up with needle and thread. She didn’t know how far it was, but she was panting and her heart pounded and she was as tired as if she’d …

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Mar 26

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Twelve

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Chapter Twelve     Tessali felt the trailer heave as Luke pulled onto the unpaved road. She tried to see where they were, but the landscape was nothing but fields for miles and miles, broken only by a line of trees on the horizon or a flock of birds …

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Feb 26

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Eight

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Chapter Eight     Kit sat on the floor in the second bedroom, staring at the blank white walls. By the nightlight, she could read Solid Walnut Bassinet on the side of the cardboard box in front of her, but her night vision wasn’t good enough to read the …

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