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Jun 02

Giant Glass Beer Stein

  This one is closest, in color to replicating the cups I gave away. However, it’s more complicated than a basic tumbler because it has a handle and a cookie foot. I wasn’t very good at handles (still am not) and we did a couple of practice pieces at the beginning of class, which was …

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May 15

Light Blue Tapered Swirl Cup

  I made this cup using the optics mold, trying to reproduce the beautiful blue and white and light blue cups I gave away two years ago. I can’t even remember exactly what they looked like, excepet that there were a number of them and when I let people take whichever cup they liked, those …

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Mar 25

Swirled Blue Glass Cup

  With this cup, I was trying to reproduce one of the glass cups I gave away last year, only I couldn’t remember what it looked like or how I did it, except that it was blue. This looks nothing like what I remember. I think the other cups I liked were clear blue and …

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Jun 24

Adam’s Cup

This is the cup that my friend chose as his favorite of the ones I made in the class I took in February, so this is the one I gave him for his birthday.  The only sad thing is that he has good taste, and this is my favorite cup too.  At least I still …

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Jun 17

Blue Swirl Cup

I made this tumbler to try to practice dragging stringer lines with simple swirls of color rather than actual stringers.  To make a stringer, you need to have a piece of colored glass hot enough that it will stick to a punti, which means putting it in the annealer, which takes more foresight than I …

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